Alchemy England

Alchemy England

The Little Blue Gem is proud to stock Alchemy England! This amazing, homegrown company produce wonderful pewter and swarovski crystal jewellery, gorgeous homeware, and more!

Costume & Corsetry

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Throughout the year we trade at various fairs and events across the North. Check out our event calendar here!

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12th Dec 2016


We are very sad to report that The Alternative & Burlesque Fair will cease running in 2017. From the event’s facebook page: After what has been a very turbulent &...

24th Oct 2016

About Training Corsets

So many corsets online bare the label ‘waist training’, with vastly differing prices and styles. The waters have been muddied even further by the arrival of those stretchy latex trainers...

29th Aug 2016

The Corset Glossary

For many people, corsets are somehow both familiar and foreign at the same time. Everyone knows what a corset is, at least in some way. However, newbies to the corset...

27th Aug 2016

Caring for Your Corset

Corsets are specialist garments and as such, have a few different ‘rules’ for caring for them. What you choose to do with your corset is entirely up to you, of...