Custom Corset Details & Measurement Sheet

This form is ONLY for remote ordering a custom corset. Please only use this form after discussing your order with us and receiving a custom corset order number, as you’ll need this to fill in this form.

We have some documents you can refer to, to help you fill out this form. Our Corsetry Styles & Pricing guide will help you choose the correct options, while our Measuring For A Custom Corset guide will instruct you in measuring yourself for an accurate fit.

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High Back

- - - - - - - - - -

Double Coutil?
please note: if your corset is only being made with a single layer coutil, you MUST add the External Boning Channels option under 'modifications & upgrades'.

All linings are floating linings which are hand-finished. Linings can be added to any corset.

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You may choose from the following upgrades, within reason. We can advise you on what options are incompatible, and should have done so during our initial communications and before providing you with an order number.

Please note - you may only choose ONE type of hip gusset, but you may have both hip and bust gussets in the same corset.
Integrated Hip GussetsLaced Hip GussetsBust Gussets

Seams & Bone Channels
Select all that apply.
Piped SeamsContrast Thread StitchExternal Bone Casings

Boning Options
Boning Type
Standard Spiral & Flat SteelFaux Whalebone (rococo only)Carbon Fibre
Double Boning?
Wide Boning? (11mm spiral, 13mm flats)

Extension Type & Style
(No garters)RemovableIntegrated
(No garters)ElasticStatic

Elastic Extension Options
(No Garters/not elastic)Just ElasticFabric CoveredFancy Fabric Covered

Clip Type
(No Garters)PlasticMetal

Lacing Colour & Material
For a better idea of what's available, refer to the corsetry styles guide linked at the top of this form. Ribbon lacing is available in more colours than shoelace style lacing.
1cm Ribbon2cm RibbonBootlace Style
Add colour details

Add Decorative Aglets?
Add details - colour and style

Lacing Hardware
EyeletsLacing Loops
Add details - colour, type, etc

Front Opening
None/Closed FrontLacing (will match back lacing)Classic Busk Opening
Busk Type
NoneStraightTaperedExtra WideSpoon
Busk Placket
Reinforced Front Opening
Add details - eg busk metal colour, front lacing details if different to back is desired, etc

Binding Colour & Fabric
Self Coloured (leave below blank)Other (add details)

Modesty Panel?
Front Modesty Panel
Add details - colour/fabric for the modesty panel, binding, etc.

- - - - - - - - - -
You may choose from the following details to enhance the look of your corset. Again, we can advise you on what options are incompatible, and should have done so during our initial communications and before providing you with an order number.

Contrast Panels
Add details - fabric, colour, etc.


Fabric Type

Add details - colour of fabric, beading, placement of accent panels or applique, etc.

Waist Yoke
Add details - pointed or rounded edging, colour, fabric, etc.

Functional Lacing

Faux Lacing

This refers to edge trimmings applied to the top and/or bottom edge of the corset.
Flat LaceRuffled LaceBeadsFabric RufflesFabric PleatsFabric Ruffles with Flat LaceFabric Pleats with Flat LaceOther
Add details - include colour of trims, placement (top, bottom, both) and any other information.

Any Other Details

- - - - - - - - - -
Please refer to our corset measuring guide for instructions, as these measurements need to be as precise as possible to ensure an accurate, comfortable fit. Please use centimetres and millimetres; do not round your figures up or down!

For Overbusts Only
Full Bust Circumference
Full Bust Arcs - Front Back
Compressed Bust Circumference
Compressed Bust Arcs - Front Back
Point to Point
Point to top cup
Underbust to Point

For Cupped Overbusts Only
Cup Width
Underwire Length

For All Corsets (except Waspies)
Underbust Circumference
Underbust Arcs - Front Back
Low Rib Circumference
Low Rib Arcs - Front Back
Waist Circumference
Waist Arcs - Front Back
Desired Waist Circumference Reduction
High Hip Circumference
High Hip Arcs - Front Back
Low Hip Circumference
Low Hip Arcs - Front Back

Side Waist to Underbust
Side Length
Side Waist to High Hip
Side Waist to Low Hip
Waist to Top Thigh
Busk Length
Waist to Top Busk
Centre Back Length
Waist to Top Back
Lacing Gap

Any other details
Use this field to add in any modification details, for example add strap length, garter length, etc. Again, use the measuring guide for instructions.

- - - - - - - - - -

Please read and accept the following statements before submitting.

To the best of your knowledge and ability, all measurements supplied above are accurate.

The Little Blue Gem recommends that you do not proceed with the creation of a custom garment if you plan to lose or gain weight as this will alter the fit. By accepting this agreement and submitting this form, you understand that your corset will be made to the measurements provided and that The Little Blue Gem takes no responsibility for the garment not fitting correctly should your measurements change during its completion.

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