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All in-stock and made-to-measure handmade goods are designed and produced by The Little Blue Gem’s designer/maker, Gemma Louise. They are made to a high standard and are checked personally to ensure they meet expectations.

Since these items are handmade they should be treated with care, particularly embellished items. Whilst every care is taken to ensure elements such as lace, beading, embroidery etc are strongly attached, and able to withstand wear, all embellished items are considered delicates and should be treated as such.

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About Handmade Corsetry

Little Blue Gem corsets are comfortable and safe to wear, but are made with tightlacing in mind. As such, they come with instructions for proper wear and care. However, both waist training and tightlacing are considered body modifications, and as such should be undertaken with care. It is our belief that any form of body modification should never be undertaken lightly, and one should do their research before leaping in.

We have some articles in our blog to help beginners decide what corset is best for them:


The Little Blue Gem stocks and sells Alchemy England goods with permission from the wholesaler. Everything listed online is in stock and ready to ship unless labelled as a preorder.

We do not keep every Alchemy item in stock at any one time, as their catalogue is vast! However, we do restock frequently.

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About Alchemy

Alchemy England’s esoteric and contemporary jewellery is world-renowned. They are the undisputed leader in Gothic lifestyle accessories. They have been manufacturing specially designed products for clients large and small since 1977.

All of Alchemy England’s pewter products are individually designed, modelled and developed in England by the Alchemy Studios creative art and design team. Each individual product is then hand-made from the finest English pewter by Alchemy’s skilled craftsmen, at their studios in Leicester.

They now design and produce many of items including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, clothing accessories such as tie pins and cufflinks, clothes, bags, homeware items, glassware, and now even shoes!

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Quality Materials

Alchemy use the beautiful English Pewter. Some manufacturers misleadingly use the term ‘pewter’ to describe alloys containing lead. This results in inferior products which are heavier, softer and of a darker colour, and are much more prone to tarnishing and damage. English Pewter is the finest grade pewter, a rich alloy of 92% tin with copper plus a few trace elements, and is regarded as semi-precious. Pewter, like silver, may tarnish, but can easily be polished up to a brilliant shine using a brass or silver polishing cloth.

All Alchemy necklaces come on nickel-free chains (or lace, leather cord, ribbon, etc) and earrings are fitted onto surgical steel posts.

Incorporated into many of Alchemy’s designs are premium cut crystals manufactured by Austrian company Swarovski. These crystals are marketed as SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and add glamour, style, and value to pieces.

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In the event you damage your Alchemy goods, a product repair and glass replacement service is available directly from Alchemy. For details contact the factory directly at

Additionally you can now view a PDF of the full Alchemy product catalogue here!

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