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You can calculate shipping in the cart or at the checkout.

Although shipping from The Little Blue Gem is variable depending on what option you choose at the checkout, we have a few guidelines that we always follow. These are:

  • All ready made / in stock items will be shipped within 2-3 working days of payment clearing. This does not include Sundays or UK Bank Holiday but, for us, does include Saturdays.
  • All Made To Order (MTO) items should be completed in a timely manner and shipped within 2-3 days of completion. How long a MTO item takes to complete depends on the item, and more information can be found on the individual item’s page, but as a guideline:
    • smaller items with no embellishments (eg circle skirts) to take <4 weeks
    • larger items with minimal embellishments (eg the simpler steampunk skirts) to take <6 weeks
    • steel boned corsets and items with more embellishments <8 weeks
    • full costumes or very heavily embellished items up to 10 weeks or more
  • All items will be packaged securely and safely, in either padded envelopes or bags, or parcels where applicable.

For further information about our shipping standards and what to do if your item is damaged or lost in the post, please check our Shop Policies page.


There are currently 2 shipping options for domestic orders. These are:

  1. Standard – standard shipping is charged based on item class.
  2. Free Shipping – spend £100 in one order, or use a valid free shipping coupon, to access the free shipping option at the checkout.

Standard shipping is based on Royal Mail pricing and reflects the value of items in each class. Some items, particularly pricier jewellery items, must be sent by a recorded mail option in order to be insured.

The checkout uses a table rate to calculate the final cost. This means you are charged an initial price per item class plus an additional price for every other item in that class. You pay the initial fee for each class you buy from.

Most items charge you less for each item after the second item, with the exception of Class A, which charges you less after the third item. This is due to a combination of weight and package size needed for these items – one can ship in a packet, but two items would be too thick for this method and need to be shipped as a parcel.

[toggle title=”Click here for an example calculation.”]If a Class has an initial price of £3.00 and an additional cost of £1 per item, you would pay £3.00 for the shipping if you bought one item, £4.00 if you bought 2 (£3.00 + £1.00), £5.00 if you bought 3 and so on.

If you then bought an item from another class that has a £4.00 initial cost, you would also pay the £4.00 initial fee for this item, not the additional fee, as the initial fee applies for the first item from each class added to the cart. If you order 5 items and they all happen to have different classes, you will pay the initial fee for each at the checkout.[/toggle]

Class Description Initial Price  Additional 
A Clothing under £20 and under 500g £1.75 £0.90
B Clothing & Fashion Corsets under £50 and under 1kg £4.45 £2.25
C Clothing over £50 but under 1kg £8.00 £4.00
D Handmade Steel Boned Corsets under 1kg  £8.00 £4.00
E Full costumes & handmade steel corsets over 1kg £11.00  £5.50
F Fascinators under £20  £3.30 £1.65
G Mini Top Hats under £20 £3.30  £1.65
H Top hats & other full size hats, plus any other hat up to £50  £5.00  £2.50
I Jewellery under £20  £1.50 £.075
J Jewellery under £50  £2.50 £1.25
K Jewellery over £50 (must be sent recorded)  £7.00 £3.50
L Small home items under £50 and 1kg  £4.45  £2.25
M Other home items over £50 and under 2kg  £10.00  £5.00


Getting service to our international fans up and running is a priority now that the store is open. There will be announcements on the blog and on social media when this feature is implemented.

International Shipping is based on Shipping Zones. These zones are, Europe, World Zone 1, World Zone 2, and Everywhere Else. For a list of shipping zones as established by Royal Mail, please check the Royal Mail site here.

As with UK Domestic shipping, there are two options. These are:

  • Standard International – based on Royal Mail pricing and is charged based on item class and shipping region.
  • International Free – spend a minimum amount to access the free shipping option at the checkout. For Europe, £150. For everywhere else, £200.


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