Shop Policies

Please read through these policies before initiating an order. These policies protect both us as a seller and you as a buyer, and provide a guideline for the ordering and sale of our items.


  1. Shipping Policies
  2. Refunds & Exchanges
  3. Damaged Goods
  4. Legal Disclaimers


  1. We aim to ship all ready made / in stock items within two to three normal working days of payment being received. This does not include Sundays or UK Bank Holidays. For us, Saturday is counted as a working day, and we will post items on Saturdays where possible.
  2. We aim to have most Made To Order (MTO) items completed within the space of 4-6 weeks (unless otherwise stated on the item page), and then shipped within two to three days of completion. Some items may take much less time, and some may take more, especially during busy periods. We will contact the buyer about any foreseeable delays. As a general guideline you can expect smaller items with no embellishments (eg circle skirts) to take <4 weeks; larger items with minimal embellishments (eg the simpler steampunk skirts) to take <6 weeks; steel boned corsets and items with more embellishments <8 weeks; and finally full costumes or very heavily embellished items up to 10 weeks or more.
  3. The buyer pays all shipping fees. Similarly, international customers should be aware that delivery of their items may incur a customs charge and that this is their responsibility as it covers import of items and tax in your country.
  4. UK Economy shipping is by Royal Mail 2nd Class. Standard shipping is by Royal Mail 1st Class Confirmed. Free Shipping will be sent with a trackable method, either by Royal Mail Confirmed, or by courier. Please read our Shipping Information page for more details.
  5. Buyers may also purchase extra postal insurance on request. Get in touch as soon as possible after you place your order for more information.
  6. When ordering Made To Order goods, buyers will receive an email or text as requested (please state in the order notes if you would prefer a text) when items are completed, and another when the items are shipped.
  7. Proof of postage can be supplied by request.

– – – – – – – – – –


  1. Items will be packaged as securely and protectively as possible, with boxes being my preferred method for anything except very small items.
  2. Items in stock will be posted within 2-3 working days of payment clearing. Be aware that paying by BACS may take longer to clear. The Little Blue Gem considers a Saturday to be a working day.
  3. Items Made To Order will be posted within 2-3 working days of completion. Completion times vary depending on size and complexity of item.
  4. We will always seek to send overseas packages as cheaply but as securely as possible.

– – – – – – – – – –


The Little Blue Gem is happy and legally obliged to replace/refund lost or damaged items. However, buyers should be aware of the following:

  1. On the occasion that an item is damaged by the postal service, buyers should keep all packaging and contact us immediately in order to allow us to effect a claim again the carrier. Please see “Damaged Goods” below for more information.
  2. Royal Mail do not class missing packages as lost until 15 working days from postage. Please be patient, and realise that we cannot raise a claim until after this date – and that, for international customers, your expected delivery time may well be more than 15 days. After this, you must contact us and inform us of the loss for a refund or replacement.
  3. If the packaging was damaged, but the item was not, we’d still like to know about it so that we can bring the issue up with the carrier.


As a trader, we have the responsibility to offer a refund if an item is faulty, not as described, or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. As a consumer, you have the right to a refund, replacement or repair if an item fits into any of the above categories.

In addition to your legal rights, we will also accept returns if you simply decide you no longer want an item anymore, providing this fits into the following policies:

  1. Refunds will only be issued upon return of the item.
  2. Please make an effort to return items with all of their tags and original packaging. Exceptions apply, as follows:
    – jewellery items which came with only a small hanging card, or no card / tags at all
    – homeware items which came untagged and / or unboxed
    – faulty or damaged goods
    All other items, including Alchemy Jewellery, Alchemy homeware and glassware, clothing, bags etc should be returned with their packaging.
  3. Damaged items can be returned and refunded. Please see “Damaged Goods” for more information.
  4. We cannot accept returns on the following items unless faulty:
    – pierced earrings
    – body piercing bars
    – stretcher cones / curls
    – flesh tunnels / plugs
    – underwear without hygiene stickers
    – personalised / bespoke handmade items, with restrictions (please see ‘Return, Repair and Replacement of Made To Order & Bespoke Items’ below)
  5. Under UK trading standards, we have no legal responsibility to accept returns on items that:
    – the buyer knew were faulty at time of purchase, if the fault is the reason for return
    – the buyer damaged themselves trying to repair
    – custom made items, unless faulty (see below)

– – – – – – – – – –


Under UK Trading Standards we are required to issue a refund on custom/personalised items ONLY where the item is faulty. This DOES NOT cover normal wear and tear, any damage you yourself caused, any damage caused by using the item for a purpose other than which it was designed, and so on. This DOES cover such things as: wrong material / material other than ordered, item made to wrong size / size other than ordered, etc.

However, if you order a Made-to-Order (MTO) item in a size from the size charts, and later find out that it does not fit we will offer you a refund or a replacement in a different size, which will be made and shipped out to you on receipt of the original item at no additional item cost.

Additionally you may instead choose from ready-made items in store up to the equivalent cost of the original item. These will be taken down from the shop, and will be shipped immediately on receipt of the original item. Any difference in cost will need to be either paid by you (if the cost is greater than the original item) or refunded by us (if it’s less).


Although it is a rare occurrence, items may be damaged after they have left our control. Under these instances, buyers can contact us at or via the contact form to raise a refund. Please be aware of the following guidelines:

  1. For mail order items: As the trader we am liable for goods until they reach you. It will however be the responsibility of the buyer to inform us immediately of any damage to the delivered goods. You must keep all of the packaging and details must be recorded on the delivery documentation in order for us to effect a claim against the carrier. We will require you to send images of the item and the packaging for this. We CANNOT claim for postal service damage, and therefore cannot offer you compensation for the damage, without evidence.
  2. For all items: on the rare occurrence that we did not notice damage to an item before it left our control, we will happily refund or replace the item after it has been returned to us.
  3. We cannot accept refunds on items YOU damaged, as per the UK Trading Standards which state that:
    – the consumer cannot claim for defects if they have been made aware of any faults before accepting the item anyway (eg sale goods sold at a cheaper price with faults)
    – the consumer cannot claim for damages that they have caused themselves or if they simply change their mind
    – the consumer cannot claim for damages where they bought an item to use for a purpose other than that which it was intended, and damaged the item due to this (eg: if a commissioner requires a plastic boned corset to be made, then attempts to waist train with it and as a result damages the plastic bones which are not suitable for such, they cannot claim)
    – the consumer has no right to claim for faults that appear as a result of normal wear and tear


All items sold and made by The Little Blue Gem meet UK Health & Safety standards. All handmade items are made to a high standard and are checked personally.

Gemma Marsh / The Little Blue Gem is not liable for:

  • any loss or damage caused to clothing or other items caused by improper cleaning, storage, removal or wear.
  • any loss or damage caused by a dry cleaner.
  • any loss or damage caused to our items such as: fabric fading over time, snagging / clicks caused by wear, rubbing or scuffs caused by wear, damage to fasteners caused by incorrect wear, etc. We use good quality materials, but cannot predict how they will react over time with normal wear.
  • any loss or damage to embellishment caused by lack of care. Whilst every care is taken to ensure elements such as lace, beading, embroidery etc is highly stable and able to withstand wear, all embellished items are considered delicates and should be treated as such.
  • customs or duty fees incurred by international clients’ parcels.

– – – – – – – – – –


Little Blue Gem corsets are comfortable and safe to wear, and come with instructions for proper wear and care, but corsetry – waist training and tight lacing particularly – is considered a body modification and as such should be undertaken with care.

Gemma Marsh / The Little Blue Gem is not liable for:

  • any damage to your clothes caused by the wearing of corsets.
  • exacerbation of any health issues caused by the wearing of corsets. Whilst I can and will happily offer some advice, I am not a doctor, and it is the client’s responsibility to seek medical guidance if they believe they require such before they undertake waist training / tight lacing / corsetry.
  • any loss or damage to the corset caused by incorrect wear or care including but not limited to: wearing away of fabric caused by tying laces around waist; loss or damage of delicate embellishments; loss or damage to the busk caused by incorrect wearing practices; damage to the construction of the corset caused by incorrect wear / lack of seasoning; damage caused to the corset due to incorrect cleaning methods; damage to corsets not suitable for waist training that were used for this.
  • any damage to yourself caused by: attempting to waist train in a garment not suitable for waist training; incorrect and/or unhealthy waist training practice; attempting to waist train against the advisement of a doctor.

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