Ordering Your Custom Corset

Because a custom corset is a highly specialised, completely bespoke garment, the order process is a little more involved than you may be used to. Never fear, though – we’ve created a variety of help sheets that are designed to guide you through the process, and we’re here to help, too.




If you’re interested in a custom corset, you should first drop us a line at thelittlebluegem@live.com with the subject Custom Corset Order Request. You should tell us what you have in mind, and especially when you need it for. We can then tell you if this is possible, advise you on what features you should pick, and guide you through the process if necessary. You can look at an overview of the options and upgrades available on our Styles & Pricing Guide.

Since these garments are very specialised and take a long time to make, we can only take on a small number of orders at the same time. You can still drop us a request, but you’ll be added to a waiting list.

Once your order has been approved, you’ll be assigned a Custom Corsetry Order Number. You can’t order a corset through our online system without one!


Because it is so important that a training corset fits well, the measurement process for a custom corset is extensive. It is for this reason that I prefer to perform measurements in person where possible. However, if this isn’t possible, you can use our Measuring for a Custom Corset guide to obtain your own measurements.

You can then submit your measurements, alongside all of the relevant details we’ll need, on our Corset Details & Measurements Form to submit them.


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